About Tamarind

Tamarind Restaurant is located in Mt Hawthorn, Australia, and showcases the very best of Cambodian and Asian Cuisine.

Included in our menu are:

Main Entrees
Stuff Chicken Wings, Satay Chicken, Fish Cake, Golden Crab Claw Meat and many more

From The Woks
Bamboo Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Chili Chicken, Ginger Chicken and many more.

Green Curry, Red Curry, Masaman, Pha-neng, Lamb Korma, and many more.

Noodles and side dishes

The best-seller in this line is the Banana Sago Pudding.  Make sure you give it a try!

All offerings in our menu boasts of excellent quality and distinct spiciness that defines Cambodian and Asian Cusine!

More about Tamarind Restaurant

Although some of Cambodia’s dishes are parallel to other Asian food, the country does have its own unique cuisine which is slowly making its way into customer’s “must try” wish lists.

At Tamarind, we offer Authentic Cambodian dishes. If you’re unsure which food to select from our delicious menu, you have nothing to worry. Our staff are always happy to help you select something unique and something you’d love based on your preferences and taste buds.

At Tamarind, we  guarantee you the following:

* Many of our food are MSG free and Gluten free. We understand that more and more people are asking not to have MSG/Glutten added in their food, but always double check in case a certain product is not available and replace it with something else.

* Tamarind Restaurant prides itself in providing the freshest garden produce – organic when possible – and high quality meat and poultry.

* As 95% of our food is cooked fresh to order, ingredients can usually be added or deleted to your taste,  if you so require. Just ask upon ordering: more spicy, less spicy, the choice is yours.

* There is a $3 corkage fee on any alcohol you bring as per normal with a BYO establishment, and of you forgot to bring any alcohol, there is a bottle shop right across the road from the restaurant.

Go Try Tamarind Restaurant Now

Next time you’re looking for a good Asian/Cambodia Restaurant that offers a great dining experience without costing you too much money, just give Nick a call and go experience what we have to offer.

Once you try our dishes, we’re sure you’ll be back for more!

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